*Features built-in speed adjust potentiometer & reversing switch, with center-off position


  • Designed to control the speed & direction of a standard 24 Volt brushed DC motor
  • Maintenance free, robust design, solid state circuitry, minimal EMI / RFI noise
  • Potted, rugged construction design for harsh environments. (IP64 rated)


  • Operates from 18 to 36 VDC; battery or other DC supply
  • Continuous Current = 20 amps, peak “momentary” current is 40 amps (1 second max)
  • Easily installed to any flat surface – Two ¼” diameter mounting holes
  • Output pulse width can be varied for 0% to 98% Duty Cycle, switches at 22 KHz
  • Compact Size - 4.25” by 3.1” By 1.07” high (2.7” including switch height).
  • 12 & 48 Volt DC configurations also available*


  • Low cost, time-proven reliability, very low ripple output
  • Electronic design offers longer life than mechanical switches
  • Solid state design with state of the art components

Technical Specifications:

Supply Voltage

 18 to 36 Volts DC *


Current Sinking

Voltage Drop

1 Volt Max, 1/2 V Typical

Current – Continuous / Peak (max)

20 Amps / 40 Amps (1 Second)


to 100% condensing

Operating Temperature

0 degrees to 65 degrees C

Storage Temperature

-40 degrees to 85 degrees C




.250 x .020 Quick Disconnect Male


  • The MMP 20A-24V-RSP Motor Speed Control operates on 18 to 36 Volts DC.
  • Controls speed of Brushed DC motor, by varying output pulse width from 0% to 98% duty.
  • Four “fast-on” interconnects— two for 24 Volt power, two for the motor.
  • Built-in, pre-wired reversing switch (FWD-OFF-REV) and speed adjust potentiometer.


  • The polarity of the DC input voltage must be observed, or damage to the control could result.
  • Protect unit with a 20 amp slow-blow (or similar) fuse. 

Typical Applications:
Agricultural Machinery ~ Automated Guided Vehicles ~ Automotive & Transportation ~ Conveyors ~ Signage Motion ~ Battery Powered Robots ~ Chemical Feeder ~ Compressors ~ Conveyors ~ Fans & Blowers ~ Food Processing ~ Gear Motors ~ Hose & Cable take-up Reels ~ Hydrogen Generators ~ Linear Actuators ~ Mobile Robotics ~ Mobility and Accessibility Equipment ~  Paper Processing ~ Photo Processing ~ Portable Instruments ~ Pumps ~ RV’s ~ Ventilators ~ Vibratory Feeders ~ Wire Feeders

*Also available with “momentary” switch (user must hold switch)


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